Our brands reflect our commitment to providing an economic solution to your cycling needs. The myriad facets of a bicycle and its use collectively contribute to the overall quality of the experience.  Often a higher quality component or accessory will far out weigh its initial cost with worry free performance and unabated smiles for the proverbial miles. Many times an inexpensive part can complement a finely tuned setup with the elegance and simplicity of thoughtful design. We carefully choose our product inventory based on the needs of our customers and an eye for expanding the realm of cycling in our community.



  minifuji  Kink Bikes



miniredline    minisebikesRaleigh white back

Parts and Accessories:

minibell  minibrooks  minicateye  miniabusminipedros

miniblackburn  minicrankbros  minieaston  miniergonminisram

minifizik miniknog  miniLazer  minikryptominipark

minionguard  minilezyne minimavic minipaulminishimano

minipdw  miniphil  miniplanetbike  minigirominiuvex

minisalsa  miniprologo minisdg  minisksminivelocity

miniSon  minitopeak miniterry miniwtbminiwhite





Helmets & Apparel:

miniibex  minigiro  miniblaq  miniuvex