New Bike Day Is Always A Good Day…

At Kent Cycle, our chosen brands play a distinct role in the reputation of our business. A major bonus to buying your bicycle from an IBD (Independent Bike Dealer) is the experienced support you retain while growing accustomed to your new vehicle. We carefully select the bikes we present to our customers, but our job doesn’t end once the sale is completed. If we stocked brands that cut corners just to meet a lower price tag, those bikes would return in short time needing constant adjustment to remain operational. It benefits us as a shop to maintain a quality selection.  As much as we love seeing your faces in the shop, we’d rather see you riding.

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Kent Cycle has access to a wide range of bicycles, both by style and manufacturer. Developments in design and construction techniques have allowed the bike industry to further expand their imagination. This has led to unique niche bikes with previously unheard of features, as well as expanding the capabilities of multi-use bicycles.

Whether you’re looking for cutting edge race technology, refurbishing a classic from your favorite era, or scheming to build the ultimate blizzard conquering fat bike, you’ll have a few questions to ask yourself before you find “the one.” Our staff has a wide range of experience riding in the area and abroad. We’re always happy to answer safety questions or offer riding tips and tricks. They say the only bad questions are those un-asked. Remember, we’re laughing with you.


What type of riding do you plan on doing with this bike? Most folks use one bicycle for all of their riding and need a versatile bike depending on their local conditions. Others may have a bicycle dedicated for commuting to work and another for longer rides or racing with a more particular setup.

How often are you going to ride? Many bike manufacturers make a few different models for each style of bicycle they produce. Depending on your budget for the bike, an upgrade in wheels or drive-train parts (shifters, cogs, wheels, etc.) can provide worry free mileage during extended use.


Are you thinking about mountain biking as a new hobby? Retiring a trusted race steed for an upgrade to the latest materials technology? At times it may make sense to upgrade certain parts as they need replaced, but it is always cheaper to get the parts you want as part of a complete build. If you are looking to replace a groupset for a mid to high end bicycle, costs can quickly add up. A new bike with contemporary design features may offer a better dollar-to-value ratio than replacing parts on your current ride.

Looking to explore all the new trails in the region? In recent years many communities in Northeast Ohio have invested in the expansion of their bicycle and metro trails. Where before a lone segment of trail provided a safe zone to enjoy a leisurely run or ride, connections have been made to join existing trails into a network of dedicated infrastructure for greater reach in recreational and alternative transportation.



Any new bicycle that is sold through our shop gets a complementary “break-in” tune up. Around the first 100 miles ridden, there are a handful of adjustments that should be made to the bike in order to ensure proper operation. We ask that our customers bring the bike in when they are able to leave it overnight so we can inspect the bicycle and double check that it is operating as well as it did when it left the store.